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Finally: First Draft

Yeah, I know. Somewhere out there, there's an author eager to give it to me straight: "Hah, first draft! That's nothing! Nothing, I tell you! Now you must proofread, check your structure, prose, tone; re-write, re-write and re-write, again and again". I'm aware 😬. Still. I just wanted to share the joy of having finished the first draft of "Rock Hopper". And I feel pretty good about it. So there, faceless imaginary author on the internet.

In the meantime, I see the reality rushing to catch up with my vision of rock hoppers mining asteroids in the future. On the 13th of October 2023, NASA launched the Psyche spacecraft to explore the metal asteroid Psyche that sparked the idea for this book. It will be interesting to follow.

In other news, the Space Operations Command (SpOC) - no I'm not kidding - unveiled a painting of a space plane intercepting an adversary satellite in what they call orbital warfare. In my upcoming book "Rock Hopper", an event in the story is referred to as the Satellite War. You do the math. I wrote it before it was painted 😜. SpOC is part of the US Space Force, where they seem obsessed with Star Trek, not only for the logo but for naming stuff (hello, SpOC?).