Asteroid rushing through space

How it started

It all started with a number:

Yeah, exactly what I thought. That's a lot - A LOT - of money. Some time ago I stumbled upon an article in the Observer about NASA finding an asteroid called "16 Psyche", mostly made of iron and nickel. They estimated the value of Psyche to be around USD 10 quadrillion, give or take a few cents. Quadrillion! Boy, that got me thinking.
Screenshot of the Observer article
What if, in the future, there would be a gold rush in space, just like in the old days of Klondyke, when a miner could bet his life and belongings on striking big and become rich beyond imagination? It would of course be an epic journey, full of dangers and hardship. Hmm, sounds like a really exciting story...
That was the seed to my novel "Rock Hopper" that I'm currently writing. Stay tuned for more updates.