Blast in Earth orbit knocking out satellites

Real life satellite wars edging closer

Radio silence is usually a sign that things are about to happen. However, it's probably not compatible with the purpose of a blog like this one, where I'm supposed to keep you updated. I have been busy these last few months working with an editor for my upcoming novel Rock Hopper. There's still work left to do, but I'm quite happy with the feedback I got to work with. Hopefully I will publish my book before the future I'm imagining becomes reality 😅. Which leads us to some other news related to the story in Rock Hopper.

According to Foreign Policy, U.S. intelligence agencies have been warning allies about Russia planning to launch a nuclear weapon into space, possibly to target satellites. CNN sources say that it's probably not a traditional tactic/strategic nuke, but a weapon that uses the nuclear blast to create an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that could destroy any nearby satellites. points out that Russia would be violating the Outer Space Treaty (OST) from 1967, that they signed along with 114 other countries. Furthermore, Russia submitted a joint draft with China to the UN in 2008 as an extension to the OST, saying that members must

"refrain from placing objects carrying any type of weapon into orbit, installing weapons on celestial bodies, and threatening to use force against objects in outer space." 

The draft didn't get any widespread support, since it doesn't say anything about ground based weapons targeting objects in space. If there ever was a sincere intention behind this Russian initiative, I'm guessing it's water under the bridge now with the current regime. It looks like we're edging closer to a real life Satellite War resembling the one in the imagined future in Rock Hopper. Also, nukes and Russians, what could possible go wrong? They've mastered sea and land already...