Golden Retriever puppy jumping on the grass, ears flapping like wings
Photo: Kenneth Ocklund

Summer is a bummer

Summer in Sweden is great. It's fantastic. The sun, the blue dome above, decorated with fluffy white clouds. You want to be out and about, see people, connect with nature, feel the warm breeze. Do nothing productive. Watching the dog frolicking in the grass. The only drama is a sudden thunderstorm, pushing the crowd under the roof, screaming and giggling. Everyone soaked, but happy. Then, just as sudden, the rays of light playing peekaboo in the dissolving grumpy clouds. In the evening, even the sun wants to hang around for a while longer. Maybe listen to the clatter of tables being set for dinner on balconies, porches and in gardens. Later on, the clinking of ice in drinks, laughter and gossip that makes the sky blush with a reddish hue. Finally the lake is resting, black as sin and smooth as a mirror. The early morning mist dancing in the glade of the forest, until the day starts again. Or is it fairies dancing? Everything is possible. It's summer in Sweden.

For me, summer sucks when it comes to writing. For all the above reasons, I guess. I don't seem to get the time to sit down and write. I know, I know. As an author there's only one thing to do when writing is slow: Power through, until the world you created lets you in and your characters start talking to you again. I think I've finished 80% of the first draft of my book Rock Hopper. About the same as before the summer, probably. There's another complication for me personally. The last 20% of the first draft is always hard for me, because I need to pre-load the story so far, in my mind, to continue writing it. So, obviously that takes more and more effort as the story grows. I don't know how other writers do it, but that's how I work. But as I said earlier...sorry, hang on. Yes. the mojito was for me. Thanks! Excuse me, dear reader. I was distracted. So, where was I? Yes, power through. That's the only way. Really. Cheers!